Friday, 27 June 2008

Raise your pagerank

If you want to earn money through publicity you need to have a good page rank, why?
because you need visits in your website or blog, and if you have a good page rank you search position in google will be better and that means a lot of visits.

What do you have to do? at first if your website is not indexed, submit your site go to this url , the page rank depends on how important is your content and the external links from others webs to your site, so you have to subscribe in all web directories that you find and leave your url in post of blogs that have a high page rank, the most important is subscribe in this is the web directory that google uses it means you will be one of the favorites of google.

Also can improve your page using google web master tools, with this you can submit your sitemap, this will help google to index the pages of your site, if you use blogger like me, you can not create a sitemap, but you can use the sitemap of atom, in the google web master tools go to sitemaps>add sitemap then choose Add General Web Sitemap, then type in the textbox atom.xml and click the button Add General Web Sitemap after that you have to wait some hours this image can help you to follow the steps to submit the site map for blogger

With all these easy steps you can raise your pagerank

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Douglas said...

excellent! that's very good!, thanks a lot