Saturday, 19 November 2016

Earning money doing things you do everyday.

What if i told you there are some ways to make money by doing things that you do everyday?

There are many ways to make money, some ways require a lot of work, some other you only need to set up everything and sit down, but today i want to show you a way to make money by doing 2 things you most likely do everyday.

1- Listening to music Music Xray

The following is extracted from the website, some people will not read it through so basically they will pay you for listening to songs, you can sign up here

Music Xray is a platform where musicians, songwriters, performers, and bands connect with verified music industry professionals who seek songs and acts for real industry opportunities.

It is not uncommon for 50 to 70 songs and acts to be chosen for opportunities each day!

Some of the opportunities are modest, like having your song added to rotation at a radio station. Others are big, like having your song placed in a major motion picture, having them licensed in shows on MTV, NBC, Bravo, BBC and more.

On Music Xray, nearly a dozen singers have placed themselves as contestants on the popular NBC show "The Voice" and bands like w.e.r.m. have gotten themselves signed to major labels (Universal).

The site is what you make of it. Mostly, it's about you, your music and the relationships you establish with music industry professionals.

Minumun Payout is 20 USD

2- Watching YouTube videos Paid2Youtube

Paid2Youtube will let you generate income just by watching, rating, commenting and subscribing to YouTube videos, the beauty of this, you watch youtube videos all the time, why not get paid for it?

Basically people pay for boosting their views, get subscribers, ratings and comments, so you will be paid to do so, just sign up here Sign-up 

Payout is 10 USD

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